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22nd May 2022

Local Guide to Great Food, Cheap Online Shopping and Weekend Getaways

Looking for the Best Deals in Singapore?

Xiangmei Traditional Roasted Meat Chicken Rice 香美粤式烧腊 @ Bukit Gombak – Sweet Succulent Char Siew that You Can’t Resist

An unlikely char siew gem found in the hearts of Bukit Gombak. Xiangmei Traditional Roasted Meat Chicken Rice 香美粤式烧腊 offers one of the best char siew in the west, along side with roasted meat and duck.

Story of Origin

You might be curious. Why Chirpy Chirp? The origins of the Chirpy Chirp came unexpectedly from an interesting story from a Singaporean taxi driver. He shared with us a story 10 years ago on how tourists kept commenting things were cheap in Singapore compared to their countries and likened them to birds since they kept “chirping” non stop.

We remember the good old days where we can enjoy good and cheap food such as a nice plate of chicken rice at $2. However, things have changed dramatically in the last 10 years while our salary remained stagnant. Undeterred, we believe good and cheap deals still exist in Singapore, all it takes is someone willing to dig. And that marks the birth of Chirpy Chirp.

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This is actually 100% real! Since the past 12 months, we have purchased two copies of Windows 10 Home Edition, one copy of Microsoft Office 2016 Student Edition and one copy of Microsoft Office 2016 Home Edition. They have been working flawlessly, and I even managed to get the Microsoft team live chat support when I needed help to re-format

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Banquet Style Ala Carte Buffet at Joy Garden Restaurant (千禧集团) – $31.80 Per Pax, Chili Crabs, Buddha Jump Over the Wall + Free Flow Fish and Prawns

By Humming Bird | January 7, 2021

At $31.80++ per pax, this has to be one of the most worthwhile banquet buffets we ever had.

5 Must-Buy Travel Accessories to buy from Taobao

By Humming Bird | May 29, 2020

All of our travel plans may have to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the earliest we can fly is probably 2021. However, this doesn’t stop us from preparing our next trip. Here are 5 best travel accessories you should buy from Taobao for your next trip.

CYKE Portable Standing Foldable USB Fan Review from Taobao After 3 Months

By Humming Bird | April 18, 2020

We have seen similar Portable Standing Foldable USB Fan design at Remax stores selling at S$58. This CYKE fan we bought from Taobao looks exactly the same and costs only S$34 (excluding sea shipping 官方海运 S$6.80). Shipping weight is at 1.625kg.

Looking for cool and fun things to buy online? Here are our top products we recommend to buy! We bought a lot of products on taobao, aliexpress and other eCommerce platforms, while they are cheap, but we do receive rubbish from to time which falls far from our expectations. Read our unbiased reviews and get only the good stuff!

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Short Weekend Getaways

Bukit Indah Aeon: Perfect Weekend Getaway for Cheap Food and Shopping

Why do we like Bukit Indah Aeon so much? Also formerly known as Bukit Indah JUSCO Malaysia, If you are on a budget for a short weekend getaway, it is the perfect shopping paradise for you. Crazily cheap movie tickets, cheap and good food, not to mention great bargains within the Aeon shopping mall. It is a hot favorite for Singaporeans living in the west since it is pretty near Tuas checkpoint.