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Bukit Indah: The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Why do we love visiting Bukit Indah? Aside from having one of the biggest Aeon supermarkets in the region, there are countless of shopping bargains, affordable restaurants, dirt cheap movies tickets, and best of all, it is not as crowded as City Square.

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We Bought a Genuine Windows 10 for S$32!

We have purchased Windows 10 Home Edition and Microsoft Office 2016 Home Edition and they have been working flawlessly since then. We even managed to get the Microsoft team live chat support when we needed help to re-install our windows 10.

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Hunting for the Best Deals in Singapore?

You might be curious. Why Chirpy Chirp? The origins of the Chirpy Chirp came unexpectedly from an interesting story from a Singaporean taxi driver. He shared with us a story 10 years ago on how tourists kept commenting things were cheap in Singapore compared to their countries and likened them to birds since they kept “chirping” non stop.

We remember the good old days where we can enjoy good and cheap food such as a nice plate of chicken rice at $2. However, things have changed dramatically in the last 10 years while our salary remained stagnant. Undeterred, we believe good and cheap deals still exist in Singapore, all it takes is someone willing to dig. And that marks the birth of Chirpy Chirp.

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