Xiangmei Traditional Roasted Meat Chicken Rice 香美粤式烧腊 @ Bukit Gombak – Sweet Succulent Char Siew that You Can’t Resist

An unlikely char siew gem found in the hearts of Bukit Gombak. Xiangmei Traditional Roasted Meat Chicken Rice 香美粤式烧腊 offers one of the best char siew in the west, along side with roasted meat and duck.


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Jul 23, 2021



If you are in Bukit Gombak and happen to have craving for amazing char siew, Xiangmei Roasted Meat is the way to go. Situated at Bukit Batok West Ave 5, they offer one of the best char siew out in the west side of Singapore.

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Origins of Xiangmei Traditional Roasted Meat

It turned out that the Bukit Gombak branch is the 2nd Xiangmei branch which started at Bukit Batok Central with more than 20 years of history. In fact, the family has been Cantonese meat roasters for generations, with origins in Guangzhou China.

A Wide Variety of Menu

For a speciality stall, they have a wide range of menu items which can be really daunting. We ordered a 3 拼 (3 assorted mix of roasted duck, char siew and roasted meat) at S$9.

Succulent Char Siew

Given its price, there were quite a lot of meat for what it’s worth. It is definitely one of the best cheap and good food found in the heartlands of Singapore. The first thing that definitely caught our eye was the char siew.

The char siew was one of the best barbecued pork we have eaten since a long time. You could taste the char, the glaze and its fat, every element perfectly fused together to give that caramelised kick with no bitter aftertaste. It was juicy and succulent, with the perfect balance of sweetness.

Most importantly, it wasn’t overly oily and greasy.

Crispy Roasted Meat

While that char siew stole the show, the roasted meat managed to stand its ground. Its roasted skin was so crunchy that it tasted like a meat cracker. Unfortunately, the roasted meat that was served to us had almost 80% lean meat ratio, giving it a slightly bland and dry flavor.

You should definitely request for a fatter roasted pork.

Dang-gui Roasted Duck

The same story goes for roasted duck meat as well. It was savoury with a hint of dang-gui flavor and had a really nice crispy smokey skin. However, as it was duck breast meat, it was slightly on the dry side and definitely would have tasted much better if we ordered duck leg instead.

What we really liked was that all three roasted meat weren’t greasy at all and still managed to produce complex flavors.


It was one of the best char siew we ever had since a long time especially in western part of Singapore. #westisthebest

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