Cheap and Good Food in Singapore

Who says you need to go to an atas restaurant to satisfy your need for good food? We love cheap and good food. Skip all those over-rated food reviews which are only Instagram worthy and uncover these true hidden gems lying deep within the heartlands.

Xiangmei Traditional Roasted Meat Chicken Rice 香美粤式 3

Xiangmei Traditional Roasted Meat Chicken Rice 香美粤式烧腊 @ Bukit Gombak – Sweet Succulent Char Siew that You Can’t Resist

An unlikely char siew gem found in the hearts of Bukit Gombak. Xiangmei Traditional Roasted Meat Chicken Rice 香美粤式烧腊 offers one of the best char siew in the west, along side with roasted meat and duck.

Joy Resturant Qianxi Banquet Ala Carte Buffet Lunch and Dinner Chinese Cuisine Jurong Safra Buddha Jump over the Wall

Banquet Style Ala Carte Buffet at Joy Garden Restaurant (千禧集团) – $31.80 Per Pax, Chili Crabs, Buddha Jump Over the Wall + Free Flow Fish and Prawns

At $31.80++ per pax, this has to be one of the most worthwhile banquet buffets we ever had.


古早人煮炒台湾粥 Gu Zao Ren Seafood Taiwanese Porridge at ABC Brickworks

We only uncovered this special gem in ABC Brickworks only after having a very disappointing meal from Yi Sheng Fried Hokkien Mee. We ordered a few dishes and they practically saved the reputation of ABC Brickworks.


3 Dishes in Chua Kee Restoran You Should Never Miss

If you have been googling ‘Chua Kee Restoran’ online, we are sure you must have heard of good reviews from this famous seafood restaurant in Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru. Chua Kee is usually our go-to if we want to have good zi char dishes.


Ah Er Soup (阿2煲靓汤) – a Must-Have for All Rich Herbal Soup Lovers

If you love rich and intense herbal soup, you will be in a treat for this one. By a stroke of luck, the Ah Er Soup ( 阿二煲靓汤 ) is one of the hidden gems we have uncovered in the west side of Singapore years ago.


Shanghai La Mian: Cheap and Good Xiao Long Bao at $4.50

We love xiao long baos (XLBs). We love the explosion of juicy goodness in our mouths when we bite into its delicate thin skin. However, it is really difficult to find cheap and good xiao long bao in the heartlands of Singapore.


Board and Basket: Affordable and Restaurant Grade Chicken Chop at West Gate

If you have a sudden craving for a good old chicken chop, Board and Basket is your best place to go. Nope, Board is not a fanciful restaurant. It is actually a food stall in Food Republic food court at Westgate, but you get cheap and good food without burning a hole in your pocket.