10 Amazingly Cool Kitchen Gadgets in 2023 that You Should Buy (厨房神器)

Make your mom happy. If you are looking to spice up your kitchen, why not try these amazing genius kitchen gadgets that elevate your cooking experience?


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Aug 2, 2022



Make your mom happy.

If you are looking to spice up your kitchen, why not try these amazing genius kitchen gadgets that elevate your cooking experience?

10 Useful Kitchen Gadgets You Should Buy

  1. Air Fryer Parchment Paper
  2. Wireless Electric Garlic Grinder
  3. Electric Pepper Grinder
  4. Vacuum Pack Sealer
  5. Xiaomi Fridge Deodorizer
  6. Vegetable Slicer
  7. Giant Ice Ball Maker
  8. Smokeless Auto Rotating Grill
  9. Rotating Condiment Rack
  10. Xiaomi Instant Hot Water Dispenser

1. Air Fryer Parchment Paper Basket

My lazy ass friend swears by this.

Just put one in your air fryer and you will never need to wash your air fryer again.

It has a silicone coating which makes it non-stick and literally contain oil residues without leaking.

Most importantly, it costs less than 7 cents for each use.

10 minutes of use, 5 seconds of cleaning.

Go figure.

2. Wireless Electric Garlic Grinder

True story. When my grandma visited our place and saw this cute mini garlic grinder, she stole it and we had to buy another one for our own use.

It’s cheap, small and cute.

It’s fuss-free with no wires.

It’s portable and you can charge with a usb cable.

What’s there not to like?

3. Electric Pepper Grinder

Want to grill your steak like Gordon Ramsay?

Then don’t waste your time fiddling over a manual grinder.

It is not that easy to grind the pepper bits especially when the blade becomes blunt.

Sprinkle your pepper like a boss.

4. Vacuum Pack Sealer

If you have OCD, chances are, you already have one in your kitchen.

Aside keeping everything clean and neat in the fridge, you can also use it for sous vide cooking.

Pro-tip: We would use the vacuum sealer to seal our steak and sous vide it at 130°F for an hour. Sear the steak using a blazing hot skillet for a minute per side.

Viola, you are now a MasterChef.

Just remember to buy a better quality vacuum sealer as the cheapo ones tend to spoil easily.

5. Xiaomi Fridge Deodorizer

We have no idea what you put in your fridge.

But my parents would put all kinds of stuff in the fridge, from last night leftovers to expired condiments. Naturally, the lingering smell started to grow. We were simply too lazy to clean the fridge every few months, hence we just clipped this in the side of the fridge door.

Not sure if it really helps to prolong the freshness of food and degrade pesticide residue as it states, but the smell is definitely gone after a few days.

6. Vegetable Slicer

You may as well throw your valuable knives away.

With this vegetable slicer, you can slice, shred and grind any type of vegetables.

Pro-tip: We use it to cut thin potato slices to make our own potato chips with our air fryer. Always wash the potato slices in a bowl of water to remove excessive starch before baking, so you can achieve a crispier consistency.

It is effortless, easy to clean, and simple to use.

Moreover, the kids actually enjoy helping out in the kitchen with this little tool.

7. Giant Ice Ball Maker

Bring the party to your home.

Not only they are aesthetically pleasing, they melt much slower, making them perfect for drinking whiskey at night.

And they are made of food grade silicone, meaning you don’t have to pry ice cubes from the traditional stiff trays.

If you are drinking it with orange juice, we won’t judge you.

8. Smokeless Auto Rotating Grill

Your mom don’t allow you to grill BBQ in the house?

Problem solved.

This is probably the most hassle-free BBQ method ever.

Just put the meat skewers in, close the lid and set the timer. The skewers will automatically rotate while grilling and you don’t have to do anything else.

Check out this review from one of the Malaysian YouTubers.

9. Rotating Condiment Rack

We are great fans of Don Don DonKi.

And that is why our cabinets are practically bursting with condiments from Don Don DonKi.

With this rotating rack, you won’t have to reach to the inner depths of the cabinet to search and take what you need. It may look small but we managed to put 8-9 bottles comfortably.

Your mom might start to love you from now on.

10. Xiaomi Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Imagine you are hungry late at night.

You want to fix a piping bowl of instant noodles or a cup of hot milo, to find that there is no hot water in the kitchen.

You are too lazy to boil water and you go back to sleep with a growling tummy.

Solution found.

This Xiaomi instant hot water dispenser is a witchcraft that dispenses hot water almost instantaneously.

As it requires a few seconds to warm up, the water is not exactly at 100°C. However, 95°C is more than enough for you to brew coffee or to cook instant noodles.

On top of that, if you are a firm believer of drinking warm water, this dispenser is perfect for you. You can adjust the water temperature you want, instead of waiting for the boiling water to cool down.

We loved it so much that we got another one for our bedroom.


What other recommendations do you have that is useful in the kitchen? Share with us in the comment section below. Oh, do check out other cool things to buy from online.



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