Bukit Indah Aeon: Perfect Weekend Getaway for Cheap Food and Shopping

Why do we like Bukit Indah Aeon so much? Also formerly known as Bukit Indah JUSCO Malaysia, If you are on a budget for a short weekend getaway, it is the perfect shopping paradise for you. Crazily cheap movie tickets, cheap and good food, not to mention great bargains within the Aeon shopping mall. It

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February 2, 2018



If you are on a budget for a short weekend getaway, Bukit Indah is the perfect shopping paradise for you. Crazily cheap movie tickets, cheap and good food, not to mention great bargains within the Aeon shopping mall. It is a hot favorite for Singaporeans living in the west since it is pretty near Tuas checkpoint.

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For some of you guys who have no idea where is Bukit Indah, it is a small settlement located in Johor, Malaysia. We absolutely love going to Bukit Indah as it is not as crowded as JB City Square and it has a giant hypermart we love shopping in. Before you visit Bukit Indah Aeon, be sure to remember to bring a fast charge power bank so you wont run out of juice.

How to go Bukit Indah Aeon

You dont need a car to drive to Bukit Indah Aeon. You can take the CW bus from either Jurong East (Bus CW3 from the Jurong East Bus Interchange) or Boon Lay (Bus CW6 from a bus stop just next to Boon Lay Mrt Station bicycle corner). Ticket costs SGD$4.50 one way from Singapore to Bukit Indah directly. (RM5 from Bukit Indah back to Singapore).

The entire journey usually takes 1 hour (2 hours with traffic jam).

Do remember to keep your bus ticket especially for return trip back to Singapore. Bus conductors will be there on some occasions to check for your bus tickets. If you lose the ticket, you will have to buy another ticket.

First Stop: Ming Ang Confectionery

Once we alight from the CW bus, the first place we would usually go is Ming Ang Confectionery (Google Map). The fact that Ming Ann expanded their shop space, you know the goodies they carry are good. Not to mention when you see many uncles and aunties frequenting the shop.

Ming An’s main specialty has to be their horseshoe biscuits (马蹄酥). While you could definitely buy these biscuits in Singapore, we are willing to bet on our last dollar that they wont taste half as good as Ming Ann’s, not to mention that the ones sold in Singapore are probably cold and stale.

Every piece of their horseshoe biscuits is baked and sold on the same day. We weren’t even fans of horseshoe biscuits but once you bite into these puffy crispy biscuits, the goodness of the oozing rich maltose will keep you going for more.

Ming Ann also sells a lot of other tasty traditional cakes and desserts. Among all, we love their Portuguese egg tarts the most. It wasn’t exactly cheap compared to Singapore standards (RM2.45), but it is absolutely mind blowing. When you take a huge bite, you will feel the crispy buttery crust before savoring its rich creamy goodness of the filling.

If you like to try their egg tarts, be sure to visit them early in the morning, as their egg tarts are so popular that they are always sold out by afternoon.

Other recommended goodies are their Mao Shan Wang Durian Mochi and their peanut flaky candy. There are so much more but we will leave you to find out on your own.

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Breakfast at Tea Garden

Tea Garden has always been our favorite breakfast spot in Bukit Indah. There are two Tea Garden outlets in the area, but we always prefer the one in the Bukit Indah Aeon mall as it was air-conditioned.

The food there wasn’t cheap by Malaysian standards, but we liked its wide range of food varieties and did we mention they have some of the best olive fried rice there?

The olive fried rice remains our top favorite dish in Tea Garden. It is absolutely a flavor bomb. The taste of the olive was infused perfectly into the rice. Aside from the unami flavor from the olive, the rice had a nice earthy flavor and wasnt soggy or oily.

What makes it even better is when you order  2 half boiled eggs and pour in on top of it. The combination of egg yolk and the olives gave it a much complete taste.

Other recommendations in Tea Garden: Curry chicken horfun, mutton curry roti prata, sour plum passion fruit tea.

Cheap Movie Tickets from TGV Cinemas

After a great breakfast, its time to get ready for a movie spree at TGV Cinemas in Bukit Indah Jusco Shopping Mall. 

Just queue at the credit card ticket booth and flash your MayBank credit card, you will be able to buy any movie tickets (before 6pm) at RM10 (S$3.40). Even if you didnt have a MayBank credit card and don’t mind watching a morning movie, you can buy your movie ticket at RM8 (S$2.75) at any ticketing booth before 12pm.

While the tickets are dirt cheap, the sound system pales slightly compared to Singapore theaters. The sound effects were slightly muffled and  theaters are rather small. However, for the price, we can’t really complain. Do remember to buy your tickets earlier in the morning to avoid disappointment of getting poor seats.

Bukit Indah Aeon Shopping Mall

Here is something for your missus. Shopping is probably the biggest reason why we visit Bukit Indah Aeon on a monthly basis.

We won’t recommend you to spend much time on the clothes section since it wasn’t that fantastic. However, they do have a great variety of branded shoes such as Sembonia, Santa Barbara that . Most of the time, you will get to see great discounts between 30% to 70% discounts on the leather and casual shoes. We definitely recommend you to get one especially for work.

If you are looking for groceries, the ground floor houses one of the largest hypermarts in the area. We compared many items to Fairprice and found that they are usually 30-40% cheaper. We recommend getting a Aeon membership card if you are thinking to visit other Aeon shopping malls as well.

Massage Parlours

Affordable massage services are probably the second biggest reason why we love Bukit Indah. There are several massage parlours opposite the Aeon shopping centre and they are pretty affordable, ranging between RM80 to RM100 per hour.

Our personal favourite massage parlour would be 7 Days Wellness (皇足世家) which is just next to MacDonalds as we love their affordable RM148 massage package (2 hours massage with cupping services (把罐).

Restoran Kah Kah Loke’s Bitter Gourd Soup

What could better than a nice bowl of pipping hot flavorful bitter gourd soup after massage? Restoran Kah Kah Loke (Google Maps) offers the bitter gourd broth in the area. If you might wonder, what’s so special about this bitter gourd broth? Most people don’t even like bitter gourd at all anyway.

The broth was insanely flavorful. It has a deep pork flavor and every slurp of the broth was enhanced with generous bits of minced pork. If you hate the taste of the bitter gourd, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The taste of the bitter gourd is mild and not overwhelming at all. The thick pork broth complements well with the subtle taste of the bitter gourd and is a perfect mix.

If there is something we learnt, that is anything that has salted egg in it will never go wrong. That is why we ordered their salted egg fried fish pieces.

We actually preferred this over the salted egg prawns balls you see in Singapore as the fried fish pieces were crispy outside and soft inside. It goes really well with the bitter gourd broth.

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What do you like else in Bukit Indah Aeon?

There are still a lot of things to be done in Bukit Indah Aeon and we will definitely update this page as times go.

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