8 Things to do in Bukit Indah in 2023: Aeon Shopping Centre and More

We revisited Bukit Indah Aeon last month in 2022 and it is still one of the best weekend getaway in Johor Bahru If you are sick of City Square or KSL.


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Dec 7, 2022



Updated: We just revisited Bukit Indah Aeon in last month and we found new shops and restaurants that have reborn from the ashes.

If you are sick of City Square or KSL in Johor Bahru, Bukit Indah is the perfect place for short weekend getaway.

Affordable movie tickets, cheap and good food, not to mention Bukit Indah Aeon features one of the largest hyper-marts in Johor Bahru. We absolutely love going to Bukit Indah as it is not as crowded as JB City Square.

What to do in Bukit Indah

  1. Ming Ang Confectionery (明安特产专卖店)
  2. Breakfast at Tea Garden
  3. Affordable Movie Tickets from TGV Cinemas
  4. Bukit Indah Aeon Shopping Mall
  5. Massage Parlors in Bukit Indah
  6. Kuching Style Kolo Mee (猫城茶餐厅)
  7. Restoran Kah Kah Loke (佳佳乐苦瓜湯)
  8. Super Steamboat (霸王自助火锅)

How to go to Bukit Indah from Singapore

If you dont drive, there are three ways you can take bus to Bukit Indah.

  1. CW3: Jurong East Bus Interchange (45 minutes to Tuas Checkpoint)
  2. CW6: Bicycle corner next to Boon Lay MRT Station (35 mins to Tuas Checkpoint)
  3. CW7: Bus stop next to Opp Tuas Link MRT Station (5 mins to Tuas Checkpoint)

It takes an additional 40 minutes to take the CW bus from Malaysia customs to Bukit Indah, assuming you don’t have to wait for the bus.

We highly recommend you to purchase a Majalink card from the Majalink Self-Service Kiosk. Right now, you can still pay cash for the bus ticket but we are not sure when they are going to stop accepting cash.

If you are staying overnight at Bukit Indah, just remember to get some of our recommended travel accessories for weekend getaways.

1. Ming Ang Confectionery (明安特产专卖店)

7, Jalan Indah 15/3, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Once we alight from the CW bus, the first place we would usually go is Ming Ang Confectionery. Ming Ann has expanded their business to multiple outlets in Johor Bahru and you know the goodies are excellent when you see many uncles and aunties frequenting the shop.

Ming An’s main specialty has to be their horseshoe biscuits (马蹄酥).

Every piece of their horseshoe biscuits is baked and sold on the same day. We weren’t even fans of horseshoe biscuits but once you bite into these puffy crispy biscuits, the goodness of the oozing rich maltose will keep you going for more.

Ming Ann also sells a lot of other tasty traditional cakes and desserts.

Among all, we love their Portuguese egg tarts the most. They had one of the better crispy buttery crust and their filling was rich and creamy. If you like to try their egg tarts, be sure to visit them early in the morning, as their egg tarts are so popular that they are always sold out by afternoon.

Other recommended goodies are their Mao Shan Wang Durian Mochi and their peanut flaky candy. There are so much more but we will leave you to find out on your own.

2. Breakfast at Tea Garden

Tea Garden has always been our favorite breakfast spot in Bukit Indah. There are two Tea Garden outlets in the area, but we always prefer the one in the Bukit Indah Aeon mall as it was air-conditioned.

The food there wasn’t cheap by Malaysian standards, but we liked its wide range of food varieties and did we mention they have some of the best olive fried rice there?

The olive fried rice was absolutely a flavor bomb.

The taste of the olive was infused perfectly into the rice. Aside from the unami flavor from the olive, the rice had a nice earthy flavor and wasnt soggy or oily.

What makes it even better is when you order 2 half boiled eggs and add on top of your olive fried rice. The egg yolk adds a smooth layer to the salty olives, creating an orgasmic explosion in your mouth.

Other recommendations in Tea Garden: Curry chicken horfun, mutton curry roti prata, sour plum passion fruit tea.

3. Affordable Movie Tickets from TGV Cinemas

If you are reluctant to watch movies in Singapore which can cost up to S$15, consider watching movies at TGV Cinemas.

Tickets generally cost around S$7 for weekends, but do remember to buy your tickets earlier in the morning to avoid disappointment of getting poor seats.

4. Bukit Indah Aeon Shopping Mall

There are lots of shops in Bukit Indah, but we always enjoy visiting Aeon concept malls.

They do have a great variety of branded shoes such as Sembonia and Santa Barbara. Most of the time, you will get to see great discounts between 50% to 70% discounts on the leather and casual shoes.

Aeon Hypermart

If you are looking for groceries, the ground floor houses one of the largest hypermarts in the area. We compared many items to Fairprice and found that they are usually 30-40% cheaper. We recommend getting a Aeon membership card if you are thinking to visit other Aeon shopping malls as well.

5. Massage Parlors in Bukit Indah

Massages in Bukit Indah area are usually 10% to 20% more expensive than the ones in KSL area.

They are usually situated opposite the Aeon shopping mall and offer happy hour promotions if you are game for some late morning massages.

Our recommended massage centers in Bukit Indah

  1. Lotus Reflexology
  2. Ayu Borneo

Lotus Reflexology

Lotus Reflexology offers one of the cheapest massage services in Bukit Indah area.

If you enjoy Chinese tui-na style of massage, we highly recommend going for their packages as they are much cheaper compared to individual massage services. In addition, their happy hour promotion cover all day for weekdays and 10am to 2pm for weekends.

Ayu Borneo

If your wife prefer a slightly more sophisticated or bougie experience, Ayu Borneo is situated just opposite Lotus Reflexology.

Ayu Borneo specializes in different style of massage styles.

While we feel Ayu Borneo offer slightly better massages compared to Lotus Reflexology, the prices are also much higher, considering they have additional GST charges. Similarly to Lotus Reflexology, they offer happy hours promotions for weekdays (all day) and weekends (11am to 3pm).

Which is better?

I prefer Lotus Reflexology as they provide decent tui-na massages and their packages are much more affordable. My friends prefer Ayu Borneo because they have a better ambience and provide good Thai Massages.

6. Kuching Style Kolo Mee (猫城茶餐厅)

Taman Nusa Bestari, 81200 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia

Kuching Style Kolo Mee gave us a good reason to love Kolo Mee again. It is slightly further away from Bukit Indah Aeon but it is only a 15 minute walk away.

We ordered their smallest portion at RM7.50 which was very affordable given its portion. Not to mentioned, the eatery was air-conditioned.

The kolo noodles were authentic and springy. With generous serving of fried onions and minced pork, the flavor was spot on.

We also ordered their steam chicken (RM12.80) because we saw almost everyone order them. While it was a bit on the salty side, the meat was smooth and succulent.

7. Restoran Kah Kah Loke (佳佳乐苦瓜湯)

17, Jalan Bestari 8/2, Taman Nusa Bestari, 81300 Skudai, Johor

Restoran Kah Kah Loke offers the best bitter gourd broth in the area.

If you might wonder, what’s so special about this bitter gourd broth? Most people don’t even like bitter gourd at all anyway.

The broth was insanely flavorful. It has a deep pork flavor and every slurp of the broth was enhanced with generous bits of minced pork. If you hate the taste of the bitter gourd, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The taste of the bitter gourd is mild and not overwhelming at all. The thick pork broth complements well with the subtle taste of the bitter gourd and is a perfect mix.

If there is something we learnt, that is anything that has salted egg in it will never go wrong. That is why we ordered their salted egg fried fish pieces.

We actually preferred this over the salted egg prawns balls you see in Singapore as the fried fish pieces were crispy outside and soft inside. It goes really well with the bitter gourd broth.

8. Super Steamboat (霸王自助火锅)

Address: Jalan Indah 15, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

If you are looking for the best and cheap buffet in Bukit Indah, look no further.

Super Steamboat (霸王自助火锅) is definitely the best buffet experience we had since a while. With a wide variety of seafood, shabu shabu and marinated meat, you can have both steamboat and hotplate together at only rm55 per pax.

Heck, they even have an ice-cream waffle station.

Check out our Super Steamboat (霸王自助火锅) @ Bukit Indah review.

What do you like else in Bukit Indah Aeon?

There are still a lot of things to be done in Bukit Indah Aeon and we will definitely update this page as times go.

What do you like in Bukit Indah Aeon, be sure to share with us in the comment section below so we can introduce to everyone. If you are keen to find out more on best deals in Singapore, be sure to subscribe to us or follow up on Facebook!



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