Cool Things You Can Buy Online

Looking for cool and fun things to buy online? Here are our top products we recommend to buy! We bought a lot of products on taobao, aliexpress and other eCommerce platforms, while they are cheap, but we do receive rubbish from to time which falls far from our expectations. Read our unbiased reviews and get only the best deals in Singapore!

Top 10 Amazing Cool Kitchen Gadgets that You Can Buy Online

Top 10 Amazing Cool Kitchen Gadgets that You Can Buy on Taobao (厨房神器)

Make your mom happy. Check out these amazing genius kitchen gadget hacks that can transform your cooking experience.


5 Must-Buy Travel Accessories to buy from Taobao

All of our travel plans may have to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the earliest we can fly is probably 2021. However, this doesn’t stop us from preparing our next trip. Here are 5 best travel accessories you should buy from Taobao for your next trip.


CYKE Portable Standing Foldable USB Fan Review from Taobao After 3 Months

We have seen similar Portable Standing Foldable USB Fan design at Remax stores selling at S$58. This CYKE fan we bought from Taobao looks exactly the same and costs only S$34 (excluding sea shipping 官方海运 S$6.80). Shipping weight is at 1.625kg.


Full Comprehensive Review of the Mpow M5/T5 Best Budget Wireless Ear Buds After 1 Year of Use

After using the Mpow M5/T5 for a year, I was truly satisfied. It has a warm immersive audio experience and delivers a nice punchy overall bass. However, what I truly like about the Mpow M5 is its overall cohesive sound signature.


5 Things You Should Consider Buying on the Upcoming Black Friday

If you have missed out the double 11 Taobao deals, you still can atone by preparing yourself on the upcoming Black Friday. Before you get feisty on Amazon or Aliexpress, be sure to get your Shopback account and Youtrip card ready.


3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Samsung S10e over S10

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 range has been hitting the headlines for the past few days. We have been aiming for the Galaxy S10e since it is the cheapest option of the range. However, is it really worth the savings?

Best-Deals-in-Singapore-Chirpychirp-Short-Weekend-Getaway-Cool-Things-to-Buy-Online-Cheap Free Windows 10 Microsoft Office Cheap Free Kinguin Review

We bought a Genuine Windows 10 from Kinguin at S$32

Since the past 12 months, we have purchased two copies of Windows 10 Home Edition, one copy of Microsoft Office 2016 Student Edition and one copy of Microsoft Office 2016 Home Edition. They have been working flawlessly, and I even managed to get the Microsoft team live chat support when I needed help to re-format my computer to install a fresh copy of Windows 10.


Comprehensive Review of the TP LINK Smart Plug HS100 – A Step Towards Smart Homes

Imagine controlling your power outlet with a tap on your smartphone, how convenient is it? You can switch on your lights when you are overseas or you can switch off your devices remotely without the fear of overcharging. If you are looking at a simple affordable wifi smart plug, you should definitely take a look at the TP Link Smart Plug HS100.


Besiter Fast Charge Power Bank – Reliable and Affordable

The Besiter Fast Charge Power Bank used to come in two sizes, 10,000 mah and 20,000 mah. As per the date of review, we realized only the 20,000 mah version is available on the Besiter official Taobao store at 99RMB (S$21.50).