Cingjing Farm Taiwan – Perfect Getaway from City Life

CingJing Taiwan (清境) sounds exactly like 清静. As its name suggests, CingJing Veterans Farm (清境農場) is a place that allows you to step into realm of serenity. Situated at the Renai Township of Nantou County, it is a perfect getaway for city dwellers to get away from the bustling streets of city.


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CingJing Taiwan (清境) sounds exactly like 清静. As its name suggests, CingJing Veterans Farm (清境農場) is a place that allows you to step into realm of serenity. Situated at the Renai Township of Nantou County, it is a perfect getaway for city dwellers to get away from the bustling streets of city.

If you are visiting Taiwan for a weekend getaway, you can visit CingJing farm in Taiwan along the way since you can pretty much cover everything in a day or so. Before you go, remember to check out our recommended travel accessories to pack for your trip.

Getting There

However, getting to Cingjing may not be as easy as we thought especially when we just came from Taiwan Kenting. By the way, Kenting is a popular place for beach lovers, so be sure to read on our article on what to do in Kenting.

Anyway, by the time we reached Taichung HSR station, it was already 1530 and we have no idea that the last public bus to Cingjing for weekdays was 1230. Fortunately, the guest house we were staying (Cingjing Hanging Garden & Resort 空中花园), had private car services at NT$800 per trip.

If you get carsick easily, we recommend you to sleep through the ride as it was 2 hours long and had many winding uphill roads.

Cingjing Hanging Garden & Resort did have their own shuttle bus transportation services but it was fully booked by the time we called them for help. If you are going to stay there as well, be sure to book the shuttle bus beforehand.

Cingjing Hanging Garden & Resort

It was our first time in Taiwan CingJing and we initially wanted to go for the famous Old English Resort. However, it was just way out of our budget hence we chose Cingjing Hanging Garden & Resort in the end. We were pleasantly surprised as the service and accommodation was nothing less than amazing.

Probably due to the fact that the entire resort being built from natural wooden logs, we really liked its warm, homely ambiance. The experience was further enhanced thanks to their friendly and accommodating service.

The room reminded me of a tree-house which might not something everyone enjoys, but for a city dweller like me, we absolutely loved it. As Cingjing is almost 2000 metres above sea level, the entire room was very cooling and cosy without any need of air conditioning.

Though we loved the guest house, there wasn’t any good food in the area, so we had to settle down for Mos Burger and Starbucks which was 5 minutes away.

Despite the sub-par dinner, we were glad to know that there was a complimentary shuttle bus (one way) to CingJing Veteran Farm the next morning.

Cingjing Veteran Farm

CingJing Veteran Farm is the main attraction of CingJing. Upon reaching, we thought we reached the entrance of a castle.

Within the farm lies a huge grassy plain where sheep love to graze. Judging from the photos, if you didn’t know better, you would have guessed we were in New Zealand.

If you are lucky, you might see cute little lambs baaing and chasing after their sheep counterparts.

Shops in the Area

There are a few unique shops in the area too. If you are a fan of sheep products, there are lots of sheep milk products from sheep milk pancakes to sheep milk crackers.

One of the more interesting stuffs was sheep milk ice-cream. We guessed this was something we just had to have it to mark our final experience in Cingjing. It wasn’t half bad but it was 12°C in the in the morning and ice-cream is not exactly something we enjoy after breakfast on a cold morning.

Walking Down CingJing

If you are feeling lazy, why not take this opportunity to walk down the route and enjoy some nice scenery? There are two ways you can walk back to your resort, you can either walk down a fleet of stairs back (about 500 steps) or take a longer walking path down. We took the walking path instead.

Spending more than 2 days in Cingjing is a overkill unless you are someone who appreciate nature. Personally we spent less than a day there as we prefer to explore other places in Taiwan. Perhaps we might visit there again someday. If you have any better suggestion where to go in Cingjing, be sure to comment below and let us know!

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