Best 7 Days Holiday Ideas

One day getaway not enough, you need one full week? We thought so too. Here are the top 7 days holiday ideas you never know you need.


11 Best Travel Accessories in 2023 You Should Bring on Every Trip

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Cingjing Farm Taiwan – Perfect Getaway from City Life

CingJing Taiwan (清境) sounds exactly like 清静. As its name suggests, CingJing Veterans Farm (清境農場) is a place that allows you to step into realm of serenity. Situated at the Renai Township of Nantou County, it is a perfect getaway for city dwellers to get away from the bustling streets of city.


What to do in Kenting Taiwan

Taiwan is not just known for its night market. If you like beaches, you are going to love Kenting. Located in Pingtung which is at the southern of Taiwan, Kenting is a popular place for beach lovers especially for its beaches which are clear swimming pools created by nature.