Super Steamboat (霸王自助火锅), Best Budget BBQ Buffet in Bukit Indah at RM55 Per Pax

We chanced upon Super Steamboat (霸王自助火锅) in Bukit Indah last week and it was the best budget BBQ Buffet we had in a while.


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Dec 1, 2022



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We chanced upon Super Steamboat (霸王自助火锅) in Bukit Indah last week and it was the best budget BBQ Buffet we had in a while.

Want hotpot steamboat? You got it.

Want hotplate to grill? You got it.

Want a wide variety of seafood, shabu shabu, marinated meat and cooked food? You got it.

Heck, they even throw in an ice cream waffle station, not to mention they have another 3 fridges of ice-cream and puddings.

And best of all? Everything included for just RM55 per pax.

How to go to Super Steamboat from Bukit Indah

Address: Jalan Indah 15, Taman Bukit Indah, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

It is a just 10 minutes walk from Bukit Indah Aeon Shopping Center. You can take a GRAB over there for RM5 if you bought too much stuff during the day.

Why Super Steamboat is the best BBQ Steamboat Buffet in Bukit Indah?

  1. Affordable Prices
  2. Wide Variety of Sauce Condiments
  3. Surprisingly Good Cooked Food
  4. Thick Flavorful Broth
  5. Clean Grill
  6. Huge Assortment of Meat Selection
  7. Fresh Collection of Seafood
  8. Ice-cream Waffle Station

1. Affordable Prices

One thing we love about Super Steamboat is their affordable prices.

Compared to the average time limit (90 minutes) for buffet restaurants in Singapore, their time limit is significantly longer at 2 hours and the time limit is only for peak hours only.

As the prices are subjected to 6% sst and 4% service charge, we paid RM55 nett per pax.

2. Wide Variety of Sauce Condiments

Super Steamboat offers one of the most comprehensive collection of condiments compared to our past buffet experiences.

There are more than 35 sauces you can mix and select from.

Boy are we glad to see our favorite sha-cha sauce.

3. Surprisingly Good Cooked Food

The first hint to a good buffet experience is its cooked food section.

Initially, we didn’t want to waste any real estate in our tummies. But when we saw everyone scrambling for the fried chicken wings, we knew they had to be good.

Fried chicken wings were extremely crispy and we had to control ourselves not to take another piece.

The curry pork slices were fantastic as well. Just look at the empty trays, you know most of the cooked food are good too.

4. Thick Flavorful Broth

Like their sauce game, they have a strong line up of broth as well.

Super Steamboat features 10 broth selections but some of the premium broth cost additional rm7.50.

We ordered pork and tomato broth and they were thick and flavorful. While the pork broth was good and had a strong milky aftertaste, we preferred the tomato broth as it was perfect for refreshing our palette.

That said, the hotplate was so good that we neglected the steamboat in the end.

5. Clean Grill

One thing about hotplate is that we hate eating grilled food that are stained with charred food remains.

That was why we were glad that they provided parchment paper for their hotplate. The service crew were also helpful when we requested to change the paper several times.

6. Huge Assortment of Meat Selection

We were so bewildered to see such a wide range of meat selection.

You can pamper yourself with all sorts of meat selection, ranging from Australian beef shabu-shabu slices to marinated meat in different flavors.

Among the marinated meat, we absolutely loved the Italian herb lamb the most.

The lamb meat was tender with a nice proportion of fat and lean meat. We could taste the lamb odor but it wasn’t overpowering due to the Italian herb seasoning.

Their Korean spicy pork belly was really good as well.

They have all kinds of meat balls, cheese tofu, mushrooms and instant noodles but we had a strict buffet strategy to follow in order to save our tummy spaces.

7. Fresh Collection of Seafood

Their fresh collection of seafood is to die for.

They have quite a variety of clams such as razor clams, mussels, and lala.

Most of their seafood are enclosed in ice which makes them even fresher.

They also have huge tender chunks of fish slices which are fantastic for hotpots.

However, the steal of the show was their tiger prawns.

If we are not wrong, these are wild caught tiger prawns.

Everyone were practically filling their plates with them. You knew you have to pile these on your plates when you see them on every table.

They were rich, sweet, and succulent.

Hotpot Tip: Boil them in the hotpot for less than a minute before grilling them on the hotplate.

Though there weren’t much meat on these small crabs, the crab heads were insanely flavorful.

Hotpot Tip: Add them into your broth for a flavor explosion.

8. Ice-cream Waffle Station

We were bewildered to see an ice-cream waffle station in a buffet restaurant at this price point.

By any unholy chance you have space for desserts, get their matcha ice-cream topped with Oreo biscuit bits. Their matcha ice-cream was surprisingly decent.

Waffles was a little plain though.

They also have home-made puddings, Mingo ice-cream tubs and traditional ice-cream sticks.

We were told that the durian ice-cream stick from this particular brand was good, but really at this point, any additional food was torture itself.

Our Verdicts

At this price point, this is definitely the best buffet in Bukit Indah. No other buffet restaurant is going to beat this quality of meat and seafood selection at this price point.

Have you tried Super Steamboat? What are you your top favorites? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.



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