Best Xiao Long Bao in Singapore

Who doesn’t love soup dumplings that are plump, juicy and umami? Here is our top recommended list of the best xiao long bao in Singapore!

Hui Jun La Mian Xiao Long Bao (慧君拉面小笼包) Featured

Hui Jun La Mian Xiao Long Bao (慧君拉面小笼包), Best Soup Dumplings in Jurong East

Who says Jurong area doesn’t have good xiao long baos? Ever since we found this little joint in Jurong East, we have been visiting them almost every week for our xiao long bao and guo tie cravings.


Shanghai La Mian: Cheap and Good Xiao Long Bao at $4.50

We love xiao long baos (XLBs). We love the explosion of juicy goodness in our mouths when we bite into its delicate thin skin. However, it is really difficult to find cheap and good xiao long bao in the heartlands of Singapore.