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31st July 2021

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We bought a Genuine Windows 10 from Kinguin at S$32

If you have been searching for a ultra cheap version of Windows 10, the stop ends now. Why download a cracked version or pirate copy from torrent sites only to end up having virus and stubborn malware in your computer? What if I tell you that you can buy an genuine Window 10 for a little more than S$30? The answer is Kinguin.

An Online Marketplace

Kinguin is an online marketplace for sellers and buyers from all around the world to trade their software. With more than 4 million customers around the world, I would say they are pretty legit and follow 100% compliance with international and local laws in every major jurisdiction.

As informed by Kinguin, they always test the CD keys and make sure they come with purchase records before selling online. Moreover, it also really helps when they have a very responsive 24 hours live chat, so they can reply any queries at any time.

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Student Edition Microsoft Office

Aside from their ultra cheap Windows 10 Home Edition which we purchased at €17.99 (S$32) , we were also extremely skeptical to see a Student edition Microsoft Office 2016 selling at the same price.

Let’s be honest, the three programs you probably use 90% of the time in Office is Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The Student edition for Microsoft Office 2016 offers you exactly these three programs. If you need the Microsoft Outlook, you can get the Home and Business Edition which cost slightly a bit more at €23.99 (S$42).

You might ask, must I be a student to buy the Student Edition? The answer is yes, only if you are buying from Microsoft directly. You will need to submit supporting documents to Microsoft to prove that you are a student. However, in our case, you are buying from a reseller on Kinguin, you wont have to! #testandproven

Buyer Protection Program

While most of the sellers have good reviews on Kinguin, there could be a chance that the seller might decide to screw you by selling the same CD key twice to someone else and the CD key could be invalidated by Microsoft. That’s where Kinguin’s optional buyer protection program proves to be be useful.

For an additional €5 (S$8) more, you will be protected against any faults of the purchased product. If you don’t buy on this insurance, you will have to be 100% responsible for any potential issue.

For disclaimer purposes, I did not purchase the buyer protection program. I’m not saying you should not buy the buyer protection program, but I am someone who likes to gamble and take my chances.

So far, I had 3 successful purchases without no problems. Since the seller I’m buying from has excellent reviews, I don’t mind buying another copy at S$29 in the worst case scenario. Please purchase the Buyer Protection Program if you dont like to risk.

After 12 Months

For the past 12 months, I have purchased two copies of Windows 10 Home Edition, one copy of Microsoft Office 2016 Student Edition and one copy of Microsoft Office 2016 Home Edition. They have been working flawlessly, and I even managed to get the Microsoft team live chat support when I needed help to re-format my computer to install a fresh copy of Windows 10.

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I hope this review really helps you to save some money if you are desperate for a legitimate Microsoft office solution. If you are looking for best deals in Singapore, be sure to check out our recommended list of cool things you can buy online.