Top 10 Amazing Cool Kitchen Gadgets that You Can Buy on Taobao (厨房神器)

Make your mom happy. Check out these amazing genius kitchen gadget hacks that can transform your cooking experience.


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August 2, 2022



Home Cool Things to Buy Online Top 10 Amazing Cool Kitchen Gadgets that You Can Buy on Taobao (厨房神器)

Make your mom happy.

If you are looking to amp up your kitchen, why not try these amazing genius kitchen gadgets hacks that can transform your cooking experience.

1. Cellulose Kitchen Sponge (木浆厨房海绵)

Remember Scrub Daddy from Shark Tank?

Cellulose sponges are made from natural wood pulp fibers.

Not only it’s 100% biodegradable and much more eco friendly than its plastic yellow counterparts, it hold its shape well and it is easier to clean especially when its fully absorbed with oil.

Buy on Taobao (Approx. S$0.90 per piece)

2. Kitchen Heavy Oil Foam Cleaner (去油污泡沫清洗剂)

Is your stove always greasy? Is your kitchen hood full of stubborn oil stains?

Fear no more. Just spray on your stove, wait for 10 minutes and you will be able to wipe them off easily. Oh, did we mention it has a really nice natural lemon aroma?

Buy on Taobao (Approx. S$1.30 per bottle)

3. Over-Sink Dish Rack (水槽碗盘置物架)

Stop spending money on custom dish racks.

Not only it is black, modern and minimalistic, the stainless frame is rock solid and can be extended to the length of your sink.

Compared to the conventional dish rack, water drips directly into the sink, i.e. you don’t need to clear the smelly drip plate from time to time.

Buy on Taobao (Approx. S$23)

4. Electric Garlic Grinder (电动蒜泥搅碎机)

True story. When my relatives visited our place and saw this cute mini grinder, they asked us to buy another for them.

It’s small and cute.

It’s fuss-free with no wires.

It’s portable and you can charge with a usb cable.

What’s there not to like?

Buy on Taobao (Approx. S$14.50)

5. Electric Pepper Grinder (电动胡椒研磨器)

Initially, we bought a manual pepper grinder after watching MasterChef. However, the truth is, it wasn’t that easy to grind the pepper bits especially the blade became blunt.

Now, we can grill our steaks easily without any hassle.

Buy on Taobao (Approx. S$8)

6. Multi Purpose Food Slicer (多功能切菜神器)

If the mini electric grinder is too small, the multi purpose food slicer is an must-have in your inventory.

With it, you can dice, slice and you can even make your own french fries. By adjusting a knob at the back of the slicer, you can easily slice thin slices of potato less than 8mm thick.

Buy on Taobao (Approx. S$35)

7. Emery Scrub (金刚砂海绵)

Did you ever burn your pot so bad that you are unable to remove the black stains? Or perhaps you have a old pot with lots of stubborn stains?

Emery is a natural, environmental friendly type of abrasive material used to remove stains or mechanically finish a surface.

With its fine mesh surface, you can achieve a brand new pot with mirror-like finishing by scrubbing it with water.

Buy on Taobao (Approx. S$0.60)

8. Oil Separating Ladle (隔油勺)

Oil is flavor.

But if you want to be healthy, you can remove oil easily with this oil separating ladle, creating that bland tasting soup that you desire. #wedontjudge

Buy on Taobao (Approx. S$1.50)

9. Air Fryer Paper Tray (空气炸锅纸盘吸油)

My lazy ass friend swears by this.

Costing almost less than $0.05 per plate, just put one paper tray in your air fryer and you will never need to wash your air fryer again. Due to its food grade silicon coating, your air fryer remain squeaky clean after using.

Buy on Taobao (Approx. S$0.05 per plate)

10. Instant Hot Water Dispenser (即热式饮水机)

Imagine you are hungry at night.

You want to fix a piping bowl of instant noodles or a cup of hot milo, to find that there is no hot water in the kitchen.

That is when you need a instant hot water dispenser. And it is probably one of our favorite household gadgets bought online.

As it requires a first few seconds to warm up, it doesn’t actually produce 100°C of water. Despite that, 95°C is more than enough from cooking noodles and brewing coffee.

On top of that, if you are a firm believer of drinking warm water, this dispenser is perfect for you. You can adjust the water temperature you want, instead of waiting for the boiling water to cool down.

We loved it so much that we got another one for our bedroom.

Buy on Taobao (Approx. S$80)


What other recommendations do you have that is useful in the kitchen? Share with us in the comment section below. Oh, do check out other cool things to buy from online.



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