5 Things You Should Consider Buying on the Upcoming Black Friday 2019

If you have missed out the double 11 Taobao deals, you still can atone by preparing yourself on the upcoming Black Friday. Before you get feisty on Amazon or Aliexpress, be sure to get your Shopback account and Youtrip card ready.

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November 5, 2019



If you have missed the recent double 11 Taobao deals, you still can atone yourself by getting ready for the upcoming Black Friday. #TakeOurMoneyPlease

Before you hunt for any cool things to buy online, be sure to get your Shopback account and Youtrip card ready. Shopback allows you to get additional cashback on top of your credit cards and Youtrip gives you the best USD exchange rate.

1. Tablets & Smart Phones

Black Friday is not a good time to get newly launched smart devices. However, if you are intending to get models which are launched last year, you will be in for a good treat.

Look out for: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. Surprisingly, OnePlus 7T seems to be really cheap at SGD560 as well.

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2. UHD 4K TVs

55′ and 65″ UHD 4K TVs have always been the hot favorite for deal hunters during the Black Friday weekend.

Though the retail prices for OLED 4K TV has been dropping steadily throughout recent years, they are still pretty steep for our liking. That’s why we often hunt for the best deals in Singapore on the latest LED 4K TVs.

Since TVs are sizable items, be sure to check if there is any international shipping fees as they can easily offset whatever discounts you might get on that day.

Look out for: Xiaomi 4X Pro 65″ inch UHD 4K Smart TV. Rumored price: SGD850 to SGD880.

3. Refurnished Cameras

If you don’t mind refurnished products, the Black Friday is a great time for you to snatch up amazing deals especially for cameras.

Look out for: Canon EOS M50. The EOS M50 has been the best selling mirrorless camera on Amazon. With the recent launch of the EOS M6 II, be sure to expect lots of discounts for its older brother.

4. Smart Home Devices

If you are looking to hunt cheap practical gifts for Chirstmas next month, get ready to snatch smart home devices on this fire sale.

Look out for: Google Home Mini. Rumours has been flying around that they will be selling only for USD19.

5. WIFI Speakers

If you have been eyeing on Wifi speakers, this is definitely the best time to get them. We have always loved having multiple Sonos Wifi speakers in different rooms.

Look out for: While it is slightly older version, the Sonos One is a still great-sounding smart speaker that supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. Rumored price: USD169

3 Bonus Tips

Here are 3 tips to win big on this coming Black Friday.

  1. Always avoid the newly launched products as the discounts are often very little. Huge discounts are often given to products launched last year to clear warehouse stocks.
  2. Always hunt for refurnished items for a greater discount. Refurnished products are often inspected carefully and comes with warranty so you don’t have to worry about it.
  3. Avoid buying big items if there are no international shipping. If the item is big and there are no international shipping, you could get burnt by the hefty shipping prices.

What other tips do you have, be sure to share with us in the comment section below.