CYKE Portable Standing Foldable USB Fan Review from Taobao After 3 Months

It has been crazily hot these few days and we have been hunting for a bigger portable standing fan for a while. The ones sold in Singapore were usually too small and weak for our use. Hence, we searched on Taobao and bought the top selling portable standing fan from the seller, cyke旗舰店.

Without further ado, here is our in depth review of the CYKE portable standing fan after 3 months of usage.

First Impressions

To be honest, we have seen similar design at Remax stores selling at S$58 but we didnt buy it due to its ugly manufacturer logo. The CYKE fan we bought from Taobao looks exactly the same and costs only S$34 (excluding sea shipping 官方海运 S$6.80). Shipping weight is at 1.625kg.

At its lowest height, it is a very stable solid sizable fan, perhaps 40% bigger than the average portable mini fans out there. However, it is still really small compared to the average standing fan.

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The diameter of the fan is approximately 20cm. The full standing height of the fan is at 1.02m. The fan can be folded into a portable size within a couple of seconds and you can pack it easily in your backpack.

There are four modes on this CYKE fan. Mode 1, 2, 3 its the strength of the wind while the last mode is natural wind mode which is overrated at best. It basically turns on and off within time intervals which is probably why we barely used the natural wind mode.

For its size, wind strength is surprisingly strong. You still can feel some wind even from almost 3 meters away from the fan. With full wind strength, you can run this baby continuously for 6 hours on a full battery charge.

You can adjust the height easily using its extendable stem. Obviously, at its maximum height, it is not going to be as stable, but it is still very usable unless you accidentally knock against it.

The stability can be further improved when you lock the base by turning the handle clockwise.

If there is something we have to nitpick, it will have to be its use of micro usb charging port which is extremely inconvenient for 2020.

It takes slightly more than 5 hours for us to fully charge it with our Samsung S10e‘s power brick.

If you are a clean freak, you will be glad to know you can remove the lid to clean the fan blades.

After 3 Months

We absolutely loved it. We basically used it everywhere, from BBQing, playing sports or even for our weekend getaway in Bukit Indah Aeon. I know its very random but you will appreciate this little thing when you have to crawl under the kitchen sink to repair the pipes.

Update: There is a newer version that comes with remote control though we probably wont miss it. What other questions do you have for this portable standing fan? Be sure to share in the comment sections below. If you are looking for other cool and interesting stuff to buy online, be sure to follow us for more best deals in Singapore!