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The Besiter Fast Charge Power Bank used to come in two sizes, 10,000 mah and 20,000 mah. As per the date of review, we realized only the 20,000 mah version is available on the Besiter official Taobao store at 99RMB (S$21.50).

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August 13, 2017



If there is something I hate about the recent flagship smartphones, it has to be their small battery capacity. Due to my work, I had to carry a power bank wherever I go. It irked me as most cheap power banks charged really slow and I had to charge my phone while using my phone most of the time. The charging cable didn’t connect properly at times and I could be carrying my phone attached to the power bank half of the day, only to find it still at 5% battery capacity.

The problem was finally solved once I got the Besiter Fast Charge Power bank from Taobao.

Quick Charge 3.0

Before you get too excited to buy Besiter Fast Charge Power Bank, you want to check if your smartphone supports Quick Charge 2.0 and Quick Charge 3.0.  Quick Charge is only designed for android smartphones that uses the Qualcomm and Exynos processors.

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If you are using a flagship android smartphone, most probably it supports Quick Charge 3.0. Sadly for Apple users, iPhone does not support Qualcomm Quick charge. Check out Qualcomm’s offical list of Quick Charge Devices if your device is not among the list.

The Price

The Besiter Fast Charge Power Bank used to come in two sizes, 10,000 mah and 20,000 mah. As per the date of review, we realized only the 20,000 mah version is available on the Besiter official Taobao store at 99RMB (S$21.50).

First Impressions

Aside from Besiter, there were other brands of power bank on Taobao offering quick charge capabilities. However, the main reason why we chose the Besiter is due its dual USB input ports which feature both micro USB and USB Type C input port.

Most of the power banks on Taobao have only one micro USB input port which we would find it to be incredibly silly. Most of the smartphones today uses USB C ports to charge. Having only one micro USB input port on the power bank means we have to carry both USB C and micro USB cables if we wish to charge the power bank during an overseas trip.

Having this Besiter Fast Charge Power Bank means we only need to bring one cable for a trip.

The Besiter 20,000 mah Power Bank is practically a brick. It weighs 465g (16.5cm by 8cm by 2cm) and doesn’t fit easily in a pocket.

However, we really like its LCD display which shows the exact percentage of the battery remaining and its charging voltage information. This allows us to manage our usage daily without any fear of low battery.

There are 2 charging output ports, Output 1 charges at 5V 2A while Output 2 charges at 3 different voltages, 12V 1A, 9V 2A and 5V 2.1A respectively depending on the device.

Actual Charging Performance

While it was advertised that the Besiter Fast Charge Power Bank can charge 80% of your device battery in half an hour via Quick Charge 3.0, we felt it is extremely vague as nothing was mentioned on the battery size.

Hence, we did several tests on our own to charge our trusty LG V20 which has a battery size of 3,000 mah. We found that it takes an average of 40 minutes to charge from 5% to 55% and another 55 minutes to charge to full capacity.

It is common for smart phone devices to charge slower towards the maximum capacity due to the battery management system of smartphones. Compared to the usual 3 hour charging time via the standard 5v 2.1A charger, it is definitely much faster.

The Besiter power bank can be charged via Quick Charge 3.0 as well. Using our LG V20 charger, the Besiter 20,000 mah Fast Charge Power Bank takes an average of 1 hr 40 mins to charge from 10% to 60% and an additional of 2 hours 15 mins to charge to full capacity.


After using for 8 months, both Besiter Fast Charge Power Banks worked flawlessly.  At S$21.50, the 20,000mah Besiter Fast Charge Power Bank is definitely a winner. We doubt you could find another power bank in Singapore at that price easily since most power banks without fast charge capabilities cost more easily.

This is not a sponsored post but personally we certainly recommend getting it. If you would like to buy it, here is the link on Taobao. If you have another fast charge power bank, share with us in the comments below!

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